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This all-new program zeros in on ugly belly fat with fast, portable exercise routines that take the “work” out of “workout.” Think shrinking your belly requires hundreds of boring crunches? Think again! Our yoga moves are energizing, stress-busting, and fun — with no crunches required!

It was developed by the experts at Prevention, along with Kimberly Fowler, the “godmother” of the hybrid yoga movement. With our fat-blasting routines, you’ll get:

A flat, well-defined belly

A stronger, longer, leaner, sexier body

Better overall strength and flexibility

Fast results — that last!

All you need are a mat, some comfy clothes, a pair of light hand weights, and a DVD player! Find a few minutes to work out whenever it fits your schedule — and see results fast! Admit it — wouldn’t it be nice to lose that stubborn “muffin top” once and for all?

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Prevention’s Flat Belly Yoga!: No-Crunch Workout is designed to make it easy for you to tailor it to your exact goals and current fitness level.

Choose either the 15- or 30-minute Core+ Workout. We include lots of variations, so it’s easy to tailor the routine to your exact needs. Add the exclusive Core+ Belly Blast Bonus when you’re ready for more of a challenge — it’s an intense, focused, 10-minute add-on routine designed to sculpt a strong, flexible core. Whichever routine you choose, you can expect to start losing pounds and inches right away.

Yoga will make you stronger, increase your flexibility, brighten your mood, and help you de-stress. But it should never hurt! We’ll teach you to listen to what your body is telling you. If a pose isn’t right for you, we provide variations to keep you comfortable, on track, and having fun!

In just minutes a day, you can get the sexy, flat belly you’ve dreamed of — and have fun every step of the way! Try it FREE for 21 days, and if you’re not 100% satisfied, simply return the DVD — no questions asked.

Order now to get your free preview. You’ll have 21 days from receipt to examine Prevention's Flat Belly Yoga! DVD for free. You can return it at the end of your 21-day preview and owe nothing. If you keep it, you will pay $19.95, plus shipping and handling.

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Your mirror will tell you what’s going on! A few weeks into Prevention’s Flat Belly Yoga!: No-Crunch Workout, you can expect a slimmer and shapelier body overall. Your clothes will start to feel loose around the waist. (You’ll probably need to invest in some new pants. How about a new pair of skinny jeans?)

Lose 5…10…even 15 pounds!

Boost your metabolism so you burn fat faster — even at rest!

Gain flexibility and energy!

And just say “no” to crunches!

All that in just 15 minutes a day! What are you waiting for?

Turn your body into a fat-burning MACHINE!

Based on the all-new Flat Belly Yoga! book, our poses are super easy to learn and adapt to your fitness level. Research shows that yoga — especially when combined with light hand weights — helps you zero in on ugly belly fat so you start to see results right away…in just minutes a day. You get a sleek, sexy belly — without a single crunch!

Registered yoga instructor and owner of YAS Fitness Studios, Kimberly Fowler has been called the “godmother” of hybrid yoga. She takes you step-by-step through the fat-blasting routines in Prevention’s Flat Belly Yoga!: No-Crunch Workout. It's perfect for any fitness level!
FREE for 21 days!
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